Subscription Billing

Clients who have repeat Xero subscriptions have invoices generated in Xero which are posted automatically to XPM against a master Subscription job called Subs.

The Subs jobs are “containers” into which all Xero subscription bills are posted.  The cost of the Xero subscription (the disbursement) is also posted to these jobs, but no time is posted to the Subs job

The Subs job remains open for as long as the client is on a Xero plan (other than ledgers which are not tracked against the client).


Create a Subs Job in XPM

This is the set up for a Subs Job in XPM.  There is a separate Subs template for each office so we can track what’s being charged from each location.  Set the state to ZZZ and the due date to somewhere in the distant future.  Don’t pick a manger or staff member.


Create the client in Xero

If not set up already, create the client in Xero, exactly as in XPM.  Add the address and Client Code and update the Primary contact to the billing name.


Create a Repeating Invoice in Xero

Accounts > Sales > New Repeating Invoice

Complete details as follows.


NOTE: The Reference number is the Subs job number in XPM.

The Job Number in the reference is essential for the link between Xero and the Subs job to work.

Use A/c 196 for the income account and assign the relevant office

Please use the standard items that have been set up in the Item list – that way we can run reports on what’s being billed for each subscription type.

Leave the End Date blank.

If sending by email then use the CC Branding, otherwise use No CC.  No need to use the line total invoice.


Invoice Dates are

Bunbury 2nd of Month

Bridgetown 3rd of Month

Boyup 4th of Month

This way it’s easier for each office to review and approve their invoices.


Save As Draft

There will be some invoices you are happy to auto-approve and have Xero send, but most will be Drafts to be checked before sending.



The amounts in the Items are GST inclusive.

It’s preferable to do inclusive for these Subs invoices as exclusive often comes up with rounding errors


Posting the invoice

Once approved in Xero, the invoice will be exported to XPM overnight.  No manual entry in XPM is required.