Splitting WIP Imported from AE


WIP imported to XPM from AE in April 2017 may contain items that are to be carried forward to a future bill.

You can do this by creating a new Cost in the Imported WIP job for the amount you want to carry forward.

  1. Open the Imported WIP job
  2. Click the Costs tab
  3. Complete the Cost Information as follows:



Date: The date of the bill you are about to prepare

Description: “Imported WIP”

Quantity: 1

Unit Cost: 0

Unit Price: The amount you want to carry forward

Notes: use text like “2017 Tax work from AE – part of $1,110.99 opening WIP” or similar.  Make reference to the original amount of WIP imported.

4. Click Save to complete


You now have two items showing at the bottom of the screen.  Leave these ticked.


When you prepare the fee for this client untick the Imported WIP in the Invoice Information Screen.  Do not untick from the Job Cost screen.

The original Imported WIP amount remains ticked and gets billed as part of this bill


The new Imported WIP amount will be available to bill in the next fee.  If you need to carry some of that forward again, you can follow the same process.