Create a new client in XPM


Clients Menu > New button > Client                             



Business Structure Choose from the standard structures listed
Client Type Choose Invoice upon completion or Monthly Billing depending on how the client will be charged
Partner Choose MI, MP or GP – the director overseeing the case
Manager The staff member usually working on the case
Name The legal name, eg XYZ Family Trust, or ABC Pty Ltd, or AB & CD Example.  Use the correct name as it will appear on the tax return.  Don’t use trading names here
Logo Not needed but upload if you have one



Contact Details

Phone & Fax Use mobile numbers for individuals and landlines for the associated entity.  Use the “Alt.Phone Number” custom field if you need additional numbers on a client entry.
Email address Contact email for this client
Website Optional
Referral Source Name of the source of referral.  Not essential.  See also the Referral Source custom field.
Physical Address

Postal Address

Use Upper/Lower case for address and ALL CAPS for Town/City and PO BOX.  Only enter a country if not Australia


Tax & Company

TFN & ABN Enter
Branch Not usually applicable, though for some recent GST registrations the ATO have been allocating branch 1 or 2 automatically.  Lack of Branch in XPM may result in the the BAS details not pre-filling.
Balance Date June
Agent Choose tax agent the return will be lodged under

Prepare Activity Statement and Tax Form

Tick as appropriate.  Leave Due Date blank.  If these boxes are not ticked then you won’t be able to create AS for the client.
Client Code
  • First three letters of main surname
  • 1 ,2 or 3 depending on office that the client is originally serviced from (Boyup, Bridgetown of Bunbury)
  • Three digit identifier

For example: SMI3001  = Smith, Bunbury office, first in the group

BSB, Account number, name and Fin.Inst Enter if needed to flow through to ITR.  Fin. Inst name not essential
Fee from Refund Tick if required – ELD will then include authority to deposit to trust account
Active ATO client Tick if we lodge returns for this contact



GST (Xero Rated) Leave this unticked


+ Add Different Billing details Use this to have time and costs combined with another client.  Eg have individuals time added to their Trust or Company’s WIP.

More information here>

+ Add Custom Task Rates Leave blank