XPM Groups

Clients Menu > Groups Tab         OR  via the Search box (shows clients and groups.



“Groups” are used to group related entities or those with a similar classification.  Mostly, a Group will contain a family group’s members – individuals, entities and

super funds.  A client can be part of multiple groups, for example we will be grouping super funds by office to track open lodgements and jobs.

The Group screen then allows you to see details for all members, see all open and completed jobs, view tax returns in the one place and see past bills

The Group is not a billing entity – it’s just a container for holding clients who fit some criteria.



For efficient use of XPM, setting up and using groups is compulsory.

Where there is only one entity (eg sole trader or S&W client) there is no need to use a group.

Clients that are only Super funds will need to be grouped if there is a corporate trustee.

Children that have returns done as part of their partners group will be grouped with the parents.  Children who operate independently will be included in their own group.


Using Groups

The Group screen allows you to see the open jobs, invoices and tax returns from the one location.

You can open each of these areas but can’t edit or delete at the Group level.  Groups just give an overview of the activity



Open the Groups Tab and click the New Group button.

Enter group name (see rules below) then tick Taxable Group (so the groups tax returns will show up on the group list.  Click save when done


Group Naming Format

Type Format Example
Usual case Surname, Preferred names Smith, Boaz & Ruth
Mixed surnames Surname, Preferred name & Surname, Preferred name Smith, Boaz & Jones, Ruth
Super Fund only Surname, Preferred names (Fund Name) Smith, Boaz & Ruth (B&R Super Fund)
Entity only Surname, Preferred names (Company) Smith, Boaz (Harvest Co Pty Ltd)
Multiple Surname, Preferred names Smith, Boaz & Ruth, Obed


Adding clients to groups

Clients are added to groups from two places – the main clients screen (for bulk additions) and from within the client (for one-off addition)

To Add multiple clients, select them from the main screen,

then click the Add to Group button.




The search box lets you find the group you want, then tick the box and the Add button.  


Single clients can be added in the same way, or via the client’s main details screen.  Open the client then on the right, under Groups, click “+ Add to Group”  

The search box lets you find the group you want, then tick the box and the Add button.