Accounts Menu > Sales > Send Statements


Open the contact then choose Send Statements from the Options button


Send Statements

Select the clients you want to send statements for


Click on the client name to show a list of invoices outstanding.  You can open invoices from there if you want to check something.

Statement Options

There are two statement options:


Shows the the original invoiced amount, payments made and balance outstanding.


Covers all transactions between two dates

Correcting Address

You can edit the client’s address by clicking on the email address:

If correcting the address here, make sure it’s correct in XPM as well.



Press the Print Button, then choose the branding for your office.  The statement template is contained in the 1/2/3 format for each office.

One PDF will be created containing all of the statements for printing.


Click the Email button to show the Send Statement Screen.  Choose the branding theme for your office and check the text and email address.

Tick the box if you want a copy sent to you.



This is the email the client sees.

There are no records in Xero of statements being sent, so we recommend you include yourself as a recipient so you can keep track.