Time Reporting and Managing

Manage your time using the following tools

  1. The daily graphs on the dashboard
  2. The Weekly Summary from the My Time Sheet screen
  3. Your personal time sheet report from the Reports Menu



Billable hours minimum requirement for professional full-time staff is 75% or 5.7 hours per day.  The graphs on the Dashboard will help you monitor your progress toward this goal.


Weekly Summary Screen

The Weekly Summary screen (https://my.workflowmax.com/my/timesheet.aspx?filter= ) shows you all hours entered , both billable and internal, non-billable.


Billable Hours Reporting

The main report for monitoring your time is under the Reports Menu > Time This Week (Name) report.

This shows your billable time entered this week so far against all clients.  The goal is to reach 28.5 hours by week’s end.


Time Sheets screen (Admin)

For those with Admin reporting permission, time can also be viewed from the Business menu > Timesheets item. https://my.workflowmax.com/financial/timesheet.aspx

This shows time entered per person on each week day, with a total at week’s end and identifies any missing timesheets for the week